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Воздухоочиститель GT1500
Обогреватель увлажнитель и очиститель воздуха PereHeat908 Plus
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Воздухоочиститель GT1500
Обогреватель увлажнитель и очиститель воздуха PereHeat908 Plus
Генератор озона PortOzone
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"I work wih dogs and foster them as well, you can onlyu imagine what my house smells like with 5 or 6 dogs. I purchased 5 pureAir 50's. It made a world of difference. No odors. It was a life saver!"

-Michelle F, Illinois

"My son moved into a dorm this semester and his room smelled of body odor and something I could not pick up. I bought him 2 pureAir 50's and the next time we visited the room smelled fresh. My son thanks you!"

-Eric R, Michigan

"I have cats and the odor from the cat litter box is gone! I had tried everything but the pureAir 50 works!"

-Hunter D, Illinois

"I have a stinky basement that is small. I have always had a musty smell, but with the pureAir 50-no more!"

-Thomas M, Illinois

"I purchased a pureAir 50 and decided to give it to my daughter who is in a dorm room. She loves it!"

-Ellen C, Illinois

"Amazing is all I can say. The pet odors are gone. How could something that small work so fast?"

-Madaline P, Illinois

"I have an office unit that has a funny smell. Yep-the pureAir 50 took care of it!"

-Dr. Wong, Illinois 

"I love my little miracle workers, took the smoke smell out of home!"

-Suzanne C, Illinois

"I love this little machine. I could not believe that something so small could do a big job like my basement. Fantastic! Now the kids love to go in the basement and not smell musty moldy."

-Dina Derm, Illinois

"I wanted to send a little note to let you know how your products have changed my life. Prior to using your plug in air purifier, I woke up more times than not feeling and looking sick. Puffy eyes, sore throat, low energy, just to mention a few. After the first night using the plug in and everyday since, I wakes up feeling great and without any cold like symptoms. Before you educated me on Indoor pollution, I truely was about to go see my Dr. I thought something must be wrong with me."

-Christina, Illinois

"We have 2 of the small units that plug into a wall outlet. We used one by the cats litter box and one in the half bathroom, and the air always smells fresh. No more worrying about guests noticing any kitty odors when they visit!"

-Kim P, Illinois

"We can't say thank you enough! The pureAir 50 was a simple but very effective way to clean the air in our kitchen, which also doubles as our laundry room. All of the smells, fragrences, and trash smells. We needed something to purify and treat the air."

-Justin B, Tennessee

 "Thanks to my Pure Air 50 from Green Tech Environmental, my bedroom smells fresh despite the use of a litter box in that area.  It collects cat urine crystals that I would otherwise inhale, preventing exposure to allergens.  I will always use Pure Air 50 around my litter boxes!"

-Jennifer M, Ohio

"We purchased 2 pureAir 50 units a couple weeks ago and what a difference! The air in the house is fresh and the sneezing (early mornings) has stopped!"

-Scott K, Wisconsin

"Great unit, purchased the pureAir 50. Has exceeded my expectationsfor square feet. Feel that I sleep better at night, and gives off a wonderful "white noise". Very Impressed!"

-Judy B, Wisconsin

"I am very happy with the results of this product. I love breathing fresh, clean air. Dust particles were quickly removed."

-Perry H, Wisconsin

"The way it makes the air smell reminds me if what our clothes smelled like after hanging out on the line outside at my grandma's house. Ilove my pureAir 50!"

-Tracy A, Wisconsin

"i had a 5 year chronic lung infection which disappeared after experiencing ionzed air from the pureAir 50, I can now be outside in the cold without chest and back protection with no recurrance of the infection."

-Judy B, Wisconsin

"I love this product! It made my room smell so fresh and so clea. I would recommend it to everyone!"

-Leah, Wisconsin


"I had a lot of black mold growing on the wall tiles and grout on my shower wall. Instead of using bleach right away, I sprayed hydrogen peroxide on it every day for several weeks to try to kill it before cleaning the black stains. I could hear the fizzing sound as the hydrogen peroxide went down the drain each time I used it so I knew it was working to kill it even though the black stains were still there. Afterwards I used a cleaning agent that had bleach which removed the stains. I wanted something to keep the mold from returning so I plugged in a pureAir 50 in the bathroom and turned it up to a high setting. To this day, the mold has not returned. After a couple of months of using the pureAir 50, I decided to test it by spraying hydrogen peroxide on the wall tiles again even though there was no visible indication of mold. The result was absolutely no fizzing sound so the pureAir 50 has worked to keep away the mold and probably whatever germs that used to be on the surfaces. I am very satisfied with this product and highly recommend it."  

-Michael L, Illinois

"My pureAir 50 keeps the bathroom free of foul odors and always fresh. It is very easy to clean and it only takes 5 minutes!"

-Tammy L, Wisconsin

"WOW! We love the pureAir 50! I use it at my offices & all of my patients comment on how fresh the air smells!"

-Dr Jack J, Wisconsin

"We have a pureAir 50 in our small cottage and it works so well, it took all the musty smell out."

-Steve S, Wisconsin

"I have my 16 year old grandson living with me and he also has a turtle. His room always had a smell to it, and now with the pureAir 50 the odor is gone,and I dont mind going into his room."

-Retha W, Wisconsin

"I love my small pulg in air purifier. I use it in my basement where I have the cat little box and it keeps it smelling fres. Great value!"

-Vicki M, Wisconsin