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Обогреватель увлажнитель и очиститель воздуха PereHeat908 Plus
Генератор озона PortOzone
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"ow I cant thank you enough for helping me with this purifier. My girls and I have been sick for months and I have done everything I can think of to try and get us better but with no avail. In less than 24 hours after getting this machine we have not been coughing and blowing our noses from the start of the day! The 1st night we actually slept through the night without waking up once!!! That is amazing. I can't tell you the last time I have not woken up at least 2-3 times in the night. In less than 24 hours this house is smelling better and we are actually all even feeling better then we have in months. I can';t thank you enough for providing us all with this amazing sickness killing machine. :-)" 

-Traci E-Illinois

 "thank you GreenTech Environmental for creating such an exceptional air purifier! Our church nursery is germ and virus free for our little ones!"

-Liz B

I recently purchased a pureAir 3000 Air Purifier for my home and I couldn't be happier. I have two young children who are at home most of the day and were constantly getting sick or had some sort of cough. Since getting our unit and properly breaking in our house I have noticed a significant difference in my children's health. They haven't gotten sick or had any sort of cough. It helps me sleep better at night knowing your system is taking harmful elements out of the air in my house. I really appreciate your product and your wonderful sales staff and would recommend this to others.


"We have 3 cats in our home. Our daughter and her 3 children often visit us and used to complain that their allergies bothered them when they were here. However, now that we have the air purifier they don't seem to have bearly the problem. Also, when our daughter brings her two dogs (that don't seem to affect their allergies) there was always a doggie smell in the house when they left. Now with the air purifer that smell isn't there. Our kitchen leads into the family room and cooking odors such as fish, used to linger in both rooms, but with the air purifer ruinning the smells quickly go away! We are very pleased and we're very happy we purchased it and would recommend them for anyone to use in their home."

Kim P-Illinois

"We’ve been using our pureAir 300 for a while now. In that time, we’ve noticed a drastic decrease in sickness in our house, increased air ‘freshness’, and a feeling of confidence knowing that harmful bacteria and mold are kept at bay. Kudos on this fantastic machine."

Sara & Jeff T.-Michigan


 "I was on a Christian re-treat for a few days. This retreat was held in several parts of a closed church that has recently been rebuilt. Most of our meetings were in what was called "the old church" that was several years old. On the first day of the retreat several of the members were complaining of eyes burning, itchy throat, and coughing. We finally discovered that there was most certainly mold in the old church building. So I thought to myself hummmm I think I know of something that might could help us get through this weekend! I set up a few pureAir 3000's around the church and a pureAir 1500 in the main room that we would be occupying throughout the weekend. It took a matter of about an hour to clear the air and made everyone so happy to feel like they could breathe again!!! Everyone was so thankful to have fresh air and no more itchy eyes and coughing!"

Elizabeth P-Tennessee

"I've owned tons of air purifiers both of the ionic type and just regular hepa filter types. None even come close to the pureAir 3000!. This product is built to last, aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. I'm a Chiropractic student in Georgia right now and currently live in a 800sqft apartment and with our philosophy of health and well being this product is a perfect match! I remember going to my Aunt's house years ago and she had a similar unit in her home. I would always wonder why it smelled so FRESH and CLEAN in her home. Now i realize she had a similar product that cleans NO purifies the air completely. The smell is that of that unmistakable fresh smell just after a thunderstorm is the best way i can describe it. I've also been suffering with chronic dry itchy and red eyes and after only 3 days of running the pureAir 3000 those symptoms are completely gone! Unbelievable, that chronic allergy problem was getting on my last nerve and I gladly would’ve paid $1000 to get rid of it. When I have company come over they walk in and I can see them immediately take a huge whiff of air and sigh and say "what is that amazingly fresh smell"? And of course then we have a discussion about the pureAir 3000 and they are amazed that this small little unit on top of my fridge is responsible."

Joey G-Amazon Customer

"We purchased our air purification unit in late January and I can't say enough about it. We are in an old building and it had a constant musty smell. We used a dehumidifier and candles to combat this musty smell. These things helped but needed to be run constantly to be effective. When we did the trial with the air purification unit I told myself that I would be happy with a 50% improvement, I did anything short of knocking the building down and starting over would help with the musty smell. I was shocked and delighted that within less than a week the musty odor was completely gone!"


"I have had an air purifier in my hair salons for the last 12 years, and am especially pleased with your pureAir 3000 that has been in my salon for almost 2 years! Yours is much quieter, and seems to work much better than my old one, and it looks nicer, too. By having your air purifier in my salon, I know that not only am I much more protected from the normal pollution in indoor environments, but the added pollution of all the “things” that happen in the air in hair salons. I now have confidence that anyone that walks into my hair salon that is coughing or sneezing will most likely not pass it on to me. (there are exceptions, but I’ve only experienced those twice in the last 2 years!) I’ve actually had several of my return clients tell me that they just seem to breathe easier when they come in to get their hair done! It’s nice to know that I don’t have to breathe all those dead skin cells, pieces of hair, chemicals from perms or color, hair sprays, other people’s sick stuff and anything else that is in the hair salon air that would harm my health, anymore! And I’m also protecting my customers’ health. I loved the “fresh air” so much I got one for our home, and we got one for each of our children for their homes to protect them, too! I now sleep soundly (my husband says I don’t snore much at all now), probably because I don’t have to sleep with my mouth open now that I can breathe through my nose. Our kids love theirs, too. I think everyone (businesses and homes) should have a pureAir 3000 to protect themselves, their employees, clients, families, friends, and even their pets from indoor air pollution."

Susan E.-Tennessee

"We have a pureAir 3000 and a pureAir 50. We have inside cats, after we purchased the product we have noticed a big difference in the air. We love the product!"

Mike W.-Tennessee

"My Mother-in-Law is very alllergic to cats, so it makes it hard for her to come vist us and see her grandchild while she is in town. With the help of the pureAir 3000 she can come visit and even stay the night with the cat in the house and have no issues at all!"

Elizabeth C-Tennessee

"The pureAir 3000 is a fantastic product! When my friends come  in they always comment on how good my home smells. When I am cooking something with a strong, unpleasant smell-I turn the air purifier to away mode and the smell is gone within a few minutes. I love this product!"

Mary Ann P.-Tennessee

"I use my pureAir 3000 to keep the air in my home fresh and healthy, but the most impresive use for my pureAir 3000 is to remove odors from vacant houses that I buy to remodel and resale."

-Linnie R, Tennessee

"I am asthmatic and the pureAir 3000 unit has helped me so much. My children also have severe seasonal allergies, and it has helped give them some relief. I dont know how we lived without our unit, it is one of the best health investments we've ever made."

-Hilary E, Tennessee

"I have two purification units, one for a large area and one that is more focused and smaller. I also have 4 house cats. I couldn't live in my house without the purifiers. I reccommend purifiers to anyone that wants a clean smelling house and pure air!"

-Ruth R, Tennessee 

"I am a smoker. Ilove my air purifer. Even though I smoke my house doesnt not smell like smoke because of the pureAir 3000. It makes the air smell clean along with my house. I would recommend anyone, get one, even if you are not a smoker like me. I t is easy to use and cleaning the unit is easy, and the benefits of it are amazing."

-Crystal G, Tennessee

"Our air purifier is an ongoing part of our 'healthy choices plan'. As a business owner, facing the public in any state of their medical status, we feel the purifier is one more means of not only protecting ourselves, but our customers as well! Thank you for servicing us! You are doing a great thing for those you care so much about!"

-Tony & Nora, Tennessee

"I have been a friend and customer for over 25 years. I like the pureAir 50, 250, 500, & the pureAir 3000. They produce ozone air; the house always smells fresh. It takes 15 watts to run the unit with no hepa filter (which can be quite expensive). The cleaners always help to eliminate infection and bacteria. Thank you again for wonderful products!

-Inga H, Tennessee

"When we first plugged in our pureAir 3000, I was a little bothered by the "ozone smell", but not everyone in the family even noticed it. Guess I was just a little sensitive to it. My son came home to visit and mentioned that it smelled like mountain air, not what he would expect to smell in a house. I have since become accustomed to it, though I can still notice it some. One of the biggest things I have noticed was that although we did still get some sinus colds over the winte, the mucus never turned color and the colds did not last long. Did so much better this winter and now with the spring pollens does not seem bothered at all."

-Carolyn M, Missouri

"We purchased thr pureAir 3000 about 6 months ago for our Chiropractic office. My nose was constantly dripping while at work and now it doesn't! We highly recommend this product!"

-Dr Ed & Sherry Peeks, Tennessee

" My allergies have improved tremdously since using the air purifier. I also have 2 cats and it helps with dander and odor!."

-Pay H, Wisconsin

"I love it! The air is cleaner and smells wonderful!!! Thank you for better indoor air!"

-Rosella H, Wisconsin