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Воздухоочиститель GT1500
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Воздухоочиститель GT1500
Обогреватель увлажнитель и очиститель воздуха PereHeat908 Plus
Генератор озона PortOzone
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"I was a little skeptical about the GT50 helpig me sleep better in my bedroom. I couldnt not believe it, but I did breathe a lot better last night. I usually sneeze all night but not last night. Thank you!"

-Renee P, Illinois

"I just want you to know that I purchased a GT50 small space plug­in air purifier. I have severe food and environmental allergies. This unit has made my home so much more comfortable for me. I love that I can move it around to various parts of my phone. It completely removes odors from my cooking in the kitchen to a damp smell in the lower level of my home when I move it to the downstairs area. I also have a dog and it removes any odor that i previously had in my laundry room where i keep my dog. i just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your product and I hope to purchase more of your products in the future."

-Patricia M

"Just wanted to let you know that after purchasing the GT50 for my Fiance how wonderful it works. He is a heavy smoker and has a cat in the house and with little to no time it cleaned out the living room and made it smell fresh. He also has a older GMC Vibe that does have an electric socket and I was able to plug it in and kept all windows closed and it freshened up in less than 24 hours. As small as the GT50 is, it is a very powerful air purifier and well worth the price."

-Sharon G, Illinois

"I am so glad I purchased the GT50 from you. I took our unit (GT50) over to the house on Wednesday and the sellers are flying back this weekend to remove the animals and have the house cleaned. I could not believe that little unit would clean the air in the utility room where they kept the dog. I am so glad I purchased two of the GT50's so I can use them to help remove odors and such in the homes I am selling."

-Jan H, Illinois

"I purchased two GT 50's for my rooms where I perform my massages because the shop is old and has a musty odor. I could not believe how fast the musty smell disappeared and always smelled fresh. Even my clients commented on how fresh it smelled. I use to have to burn candles to give the rooms a better smell."

-Karen W, Illinois

"I have a smoker in my house who likes to smoke in our 1⁄2 bath downstairs. This purifier will clear out all odors within about 5 minutes!! It’s awesome and really works. Definitely a good buy."

-CJ S, Georgia


"Smoked a cigar. Turned GT50 all the way up. In 2 hrs smell is almost gone. Remarkable...It is a remarkable little device. The air just smells fresh. I could tell something was happening a few minutes after I turned it on. I only smoke in my den with doors closed and window cracked and a fan moving air. I can tell a big difference when I leave the room and come back."

-Phillip P, Illinois


"I have been using this for couple weeks and am really impressed. Since I live in small 1-bedroom apartment, I've strategically placed it near HVAC air return grill (a/c runs a lot as live in desert).

Since having this, I've noticed:

-easier breathing

-much less "hacking" morning coughs upon waking up

-dark circles below my eyes are slowly disappearing

-when I come home, it's almost like coming to a place which its air has been scrubbed-clean like being in the deep forest wood that I noticed instantaneous easier breathing after walking in.

-air coming out of vents (a/c) smells much cleaner and fresher.

-cooking odors disappears within an hour or two depending on what's cooked. Before that, the odor would last a day or two.

-furnitures didn't get as dusty fast like it used to (after deep cleaning the place couple days after using this product) as I live in desert which is very dry, so I believe this product helps dust, et al settle down quickly than lingering in the air and clinging to furnitures & electronics. 

So impressed that I ordered one for my client's under the sink in kitchen island due to odor from trash and disposal. When walking by island, you could detect "fresh air" as if the island were an air-cleaner unit."

-Billy B, California


"I got this for my bedroom because I have to keep one of the litter boxes in there so my dog can't get to it. Hasn't been pleasant sleeping in a room with a litter box, but this little thing totally took care of the smell completely! I'm so glad I bought it. Will be buying at least one more, but probably several... So thankful not to have to sleep in a room that smells like a litter box anymore... This thing will amaze you. One little outlet takes care of the whole room." 

-Benkrawks, Amazon Customer


"This Ionizer is amazing. The tiny unit made the air in our home much better for our infant grandson's asthma."

-M Delauro, Amazon Customer


 "There's no doubt this product works. Plug it in and less than an hour later you can notice a difference in the air quality in your home. It's an unusual, copy machine/lightning storm smell at first, but you stop noticing it after a while. It's like many other products with a plastic shell: it takes a little use before that new product smell disappears. I've used it in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc, always on the lowest setting, and it works beautifully. In fact, I tried hanging an old musty men's suit in front of it, and though it didn't seem to make a difference at first, a couple weeks later I went to pick up the suit in my closet and the musty smell was completely gone. I'd dry cleaned the suit twice, and the smell remained; I was really shocked that the GT50 was able to remove that odor."

-Deni B, New Jersey


"I can't believe the difference this has made in my apartment! My neighbor’s cigarette smoke invades my apartment & I'm allergic & have respiratory problems. This has made all the difference! Within an hour of turning it on, the bathroom that smelled like a smoky bar smelled extremely fresh! I never expected it to make as big a difference as it has. I love it so much I ordered a 2nd one a couple days later... I've been able to reduce how often I have to use my inhaler since I got this! It is amazing!"

-Kdwritenow, Amazon Customer


"I bought this device to plug into the outlet in our bathroom. Our bathroom has no window to the outside and, as you might guess, it can get stinky at times. I thought I would give this a try because I'm tired of spending extra money on air fresheners. This little device is small but mighty, and it works almost instantly! You can plug this device into any normal wall outlet - in the bathroom, the outlet by the mirror works just fine. The purified air comes out the hole at the bottom of the unit: you can adjust the strength by turning the knob on the side. This device puts safe oxygen into the air which will help kill bacteria as well. Within a few minutes, I noticed that the air in our bathroom had a clean, crisp smell and quality. Rather than spending money on air fresheners which just mask the smell, this unit REALLY CLEANS THE AIR - I turned off the device this morning and our bathroom still smells clean. This comes with complete instructions including easy cleaning. There are no filters to replace. Because of the small size - which will fit conveniently into a suitcase - we will be bringing it when we travel too, to keep the air clean of bacteria and pollutants when we're staying at a hotel."

-Mary C, Amazon Customer


"I bought one of these for my girlfriend's indoor garden to keep the smell of the plants under control. It does that and more! If you have smokers in your house, I definitely recommend this product. I also just bought one of these for my cubicle at work, and it already smells better in here after 20 minutes of it being plugged in."

-Matthew J, Pennsylvania


"I bought this product to help eliminate pet odors in my house. I have 2 large dogs and a cat. I keep the dogs out of the main house but live in a humid climate so odors tend to permeate and linger. This product works great. Eliminates odors immediately. I also am painting the nursery and used this overnight to help with the paint fumes and it did exactly that. This product works so well I move it from room to room where needed and never have to keep it running for more than a few hours at a time. I would recommend this to a friend."

-Ladycat, Amazon Customer

"I cannot thank you enough for the GT50 for my cats litter box. No matter how well I kept it clean it still "stunk". I am no longer embarrassed to have people over and worry about the cat odors."

-Bill M, Illinois