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pureFlow QT7

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pureFlow QT7 | Бесшумный турбо - безлопастной вентилятор


Прохлада вашего дома теперь абсолютно безопасна и больше не надо опасаться за пальчики, лапы и носы своих домочадцев, потому что нет вращающихся лопастей. Больше не придется вспоминать о пыли, собирающейся вокруг лопастей и разбрасываемой по всему помещению. pureFlow QT7 приносит в ваш дом защиту вместе с беспылевым и безлопастным воздушным потоком, который поддерживает ваше пространство в комфортной прохладе.


Распределяйте воздушный поток по всей комнате с уникальной поворотной траекторией движения до 90 градусов по вертикали и 90 градусов по горизонтали, с сохранением установленного угла направления воздушного потока при любом положении устройства.


Уникальная конструкция центробежного разгона воздуха обеспечивает наибольшую скорость, чем у традиционных вентиляторов, поддерживая комнатную температуру равномерной и комфортной.


Все что связано с этим вентилятором создано для уменьшения энергопотребления при увеличении мощности воздушного потока. Используя всего 2 ватта, он обеспечивает вдвое большую скорость циркуляции и покрытия в сравнении с обычным вентилятором.


Обеспечивает безопасную альтернативу охлаждения традиционным лопастным вентиляторам, благодаря его безупречной конструкции, позволяющей использовать рядом с детьми и домашними животными.


В процессе своей работы 13 децибелл сравнимы со спокойным, равномерным и незаметным "белым шумом", который просто не может вторгнуться в ваш слух. 


Создайте свой комфорт с 12-ю уровнями воздушного потока: от легкого бриза до ураганных порывов или выберите любой промежуточный уровень между этими предельными значениями.


Простая индикация и возможность удаленного управления позволяют настроить ваш комфорт с любого места, где бы вы ни расположились.


Сохраняйте свое спокойствие и настраивайте отключение вентилятора по вашему желанию вплоть до 9-ти часов, при помощи удобной функции автоматического отключения по таймеру.

“I live near the beach in southern Alabama where it is hot all of the time. I keep this fan in my kitchen because that’s where I spend most of my day. If is the perfect size for my space and I’m amazed how well it circulates the air. It’s surprisingly not too loud. Even on the higher settings. Keeping it clean is my favorite part. I love how I don’t have to worry about cleaning any fan blades. Just a quick wipe and I’m done! I’d recommend this fan to anyone!"

-Traci, Alabama

"I’ve been interested in bladeless fans for some time now because I have two small children that get into everything. I just don’t want to have to worry about them sticking their fingers inside and getting hurt by the fan blades. But the other bladeless fans I’ve found online either had terrible reviews or were crazy expensive. So I was thrilled to find QT7, although I was hesitant that it would work as well as it said it would. Boy, am I impressed! It moves a ton of air, it’s quiet, and the oscillation is so nice. My kids actually sit and play with it throughout the day! Excellent product! I plan on buying another for my bedroom as well."

-Jeff K., Massachusetts

"We love our QT7 fan! We used it outside camping a few weeks ago when temperatures and humidity were high and it worked great! It produces an unbelievable amount of air for its small size and it’s very quiet."

-Brittany E., Tennessee

"We have a QT7 fan and we love it! It takes up less room than a traditional stand fan is much more quiet. My teenage daughter loves it and all of her friends want one because it looks so cool. I love that it’s bladeless because my dogs get really close to it."

-Jordan , Utah

"I live in a tiny apartment with three other girls and it’s already gotten hot this year, so I got QT7 because it actually fits right into the look of our place. Now that I’ve had it a couple weeks I can say it’s perfect for our small apartment. It has 12 different fan speeds to choose from, so we can adjust it depending on how hot it is each day. I also like that I can tilt it to the ceiling so we can keep cool without having the air blowing right at us"

-Sydney, New York

"My mom got me the QT7 fan for my dorm room. I wasn’t sure at first if I would like it but as soon as we started moving in, the fan came out because it was so hot that day. The breeze felt so good and I love how it rotates side to side and you can tilt it up and down. I feel like it reaches the whole room and fortunately my roommate loves it as much as I do. Plus, it looks so different than any other fan. I get compliments on it all the time!" 

-Lily, Standford University

"I love the tilt function so I can point the fan up when it’s sitting on a lower surface. The air actually gets out to the whole room that way!"

-David, Illinois 

"I got this fan because it looks so unique - almost like something out of a sci-fi movie or something. And it works pretty great, too."

-Karla. Indiana

"This fan is awesome! I need a fan in my room at night and this one doesn’t keep my husband awake because it’s so quiet. It’s like the perfect amount of white noise. And it doesn’t have that weird ticking noise when it rotates like most fans do."

-Nancy, Idaho

"I have a two-year-old and a newborn. I use the fan in my living room, especially when I’m trying to put my baby asleep. It makes the room so much more comfortable and it’s so much quieter than any other fan. Plus, when my two-year-old is playing on the floor near it I know she is safe from fan blades."

-Jill California

"I use QT7 in my cubicle at work and love it. It’s a nice gentle breeze - not choppy like other fans. Everyone in my office loves it."

-Rachel, Florida

"Quiet, tons of different speeds to choose from, and having a remote is nice. I love the interesting look of it. It fits easily on the top of my side table and works well. My kids always come home from school and sit down next to it to cool down for a while. They love it."

-AJ, Texas

"It cools my room without annoying blades and noises. And it looks cool. Definitely worth the money."

-Adam, Arizona

"The output is incredible. Fantastic for white noise."

-Justin, Georgia

""I love my pureFlow bladeless fan. It's small enough to fit right into my living room and it is so powerful. Quiet and efficient, and so easy to keep clean compared to my old fan. Highly recommend!"

-Dave, Nevada

"This bladeless fan is great! So much power for such a little fan and also very quiet. I love how it is safe for my curious 3-year-old! It also has a great modern feel! Highly recommend!"

-Elizabeth C, Tennessee


  • Область воздействия: до 9-ти метров управляемого воздушного потока
  • Воздушный поток: 5,6 м3/мин.
  • Тихая работа (до 13 дБ)
  • Установка угла наклона до 90 градусов
  • Горизонтальное вращение 90 градусов
  • Пульт ДУ, Регулировка мощности, Скорость потока, Таймер, Автоматический поворот (вращение)
  • Гарантия: 2 года


  •  Размеры: 12.75" H (324мм) x 10.5" W (267мм) x 10.63" D (270мм)
  •  Вес: 6 lb (2.72 кг)


  •  Вход: 100 - 240VAC | 50/60 Гц | 1.0A
  •  Выход: 24V DC | 1500 мA
  •  Потребление: 2.4 - 21Вт


  •  UPC: 817556020075
  •  Размеры: 14.6” H (260мм) x 12.2” W (247мм) x 12.2” D (238мм)
  •  Вес: 8 lb (3.6 кг)

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