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Воздухоочиститель GT1500
Обогреватель увлажнитель и очиститель воздуха PereHeat908 Plus
Генератор озона PortOzone
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Воздухоочиститель GT1500
Обогреватель увлажнитель и очиститель воздуха PereHeat908 Plus
Генератор озона PortOzone
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pureHeat TABLE

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Indoor/Outdoor Table Heater

  • 2-in-1 Table & Heater Combo
  • Elegant Tempered Glass Top
  • Auto On/Off Proximity Sensor
  • Instant Warmth
  • Silent
  • Safe-to-Touch

The Table that Keeps Me Warm, Outside and In

The outdoor patio is the place you'll want to be with this surprising twist on the traditional garden table. Whether you're having a romantic evening for two or a party with friends, pureHeat TABLE will give you warmth on those chilly autumn evenings and provide just the right atmosphere with subtle ambient mood lighting.

pureHeat TABLE is energy and cost efficient by radiating warmth only when someon is sitting at the table. Its tempered glass top provides an elegant setting for the enjoyment of all your guests. Gather everyone around pureHeat TABLE for a beverage, food, fun, and conversation and make those memorable nights outside last even longer!

Table & Heater Combo

pureHeat TABLE combines the convenience of a side table with the luxury of a space heater. The elegant tempered glass top and bright LED lighting caps off a safe and efficient heater base for the ultimate package in indoor/outdoor heating.

Turns On When You Sit and Off When You Leave

pureHeat TABLE's Auto On/Off Proximity Sensor reacts to bodies in the immediate area, turning on when you gather around or off when you walk away. No more worrying about whether or not you turned it off before leaving the house; it took care of itself.

Superior Heating Technology

pureHeat TABLE's Carbon Fiber Element provides safe and efficient heat without any of the dangers of Oil, Ceramic, or Quartz Bulb heaters. With an estimated lifetime of 5,000 hours, this heating element will keep you warm for years to come.

Warmth, Immediate Warmth

Aside from the safety benefits you'll receive from the Carbon Fiber Heating Element, you can also count on feeling its warmth faster. The warm up time is almost non-existent, so you won't be cold for long as you settle into your chair.

360° Tip-Over Safety

Your safety doesn't stop at the Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating Element! pureHeat TABLE has a weighted base to prevent tip overs, but because accidents happen, it also has a built-in Tip-Over Safety Shut-Off feature that will turn power off if your heater ever gets knocked over.

Silent & Odorless

No more noisy fans or smelly oil scents! pureHeat TABLE's Carbon Fiber Element is the ideal heating element, releasing no odor and remaining quiet during your book, movie, or conversation.

  • Performance
    • High Efficiency Carbon Fiber Heating Element
    • Effective Range: ~2 ft
    • Auto On/Off Proximity Sensor
    • 360° Tip-Over Safety Shut-off
    • Audible Overheat Warning
    • LED Lighting Center
    • Safe-to-Touch Grille
    • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Unit
    • Model Number: pureHeat-TABLE
    • Dimensions: 29.5" H (749mm) x 19.7" W (500mm) x 19.7" D (500mm)
    • Weight: 29.3 lb (13.3kg)
  • Power
    • Power Input: 120VAC/60Hz | 15A
    • Power Usage: 1500W
    • Heat Output: 5100 BTU
  • Packaging:
    • UPC: 855819003458
    • Dimensions: 45.5" H (1153mm) x 39.0" W (991mm) x 21.3" D (541mm)
    • Weight: 35.94 lb (16.3kg)

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